We develop cutting-edge membrane technologies for high-resolution nanofiltration.

About Us

TeraPore Technologies is a venture-backed company that is commercializing cutting-edge membrane technologies. Its mission is to solve the most challenging bioseparations problems through the development and use of high-permeability, high-resolution membrane nanofiltration systems for bioprocessing and other applications, across a wide range of industries.


TeraPore was founded in 2013 as a spinout of Cornell University, and has received support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Our Technology

Uniform Structures

Customizable Pore Sizes

High-Speed Nanofiltration

Uniform Structures

Unprecedented Performance

TeraPore develops and manufactures filters with unprecedented performance through a proprietary and scalable block copolymer self-assembly technology. When fabricated into membranes, the polymers spontaneously form into highly uniform structures, creating precise holes (or pores) on the nanoscale. The benefits of these membranes include high permeability, allowing very fast flow rates, and uniform pore sizes for extremely precise nanofiltration.

TeraPore’s engineered membranes are manufactured at scale and at a range of different pore sizes – unique characteristics that are unprecedented in the field of nanofiltration.

One critical application for Terapore’s technology is in the production process of biological drugs (or biologics) where a key step is the separation of viral contaminants from the drug material.

Beyond the biotech industry, TeraPore’s products have utility in water treatment, semiconductor processing, and responsive fabrics.

Our Team

Rachel Dorin, PhD

President and CEO

Marty Siwak

Chief Commercial Officer

Yibei Gu, PhD

Director of Research

Chris Crock, PhD

Director of Product Engineering

Jae Cho, PhD

VP Polymer Engineering

Spencer Robbins, PhD

Director of IP, Research Manager

Jack Wilson

Director of Device

Trent Carlson

Process Engineer

Kyle Johnson

Polymer Technician

Lida Baghernejad, PhD

Research Scientist

Eddie Vargas

Research Scientist

Tim Simpson

Manufacturing Lead

Stephanie Meyer

Manufacturing Technician

Nick Fung

Product Technician, Lab Manager

Jiawei Zhu

Product Engineer

Nashea Awais

Device Technician

Oliver Palmer

Research Technician

Samantha Thurman

Office Administrator

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