Our Technology

Uniform Structures

Customizable Pore Sizes

Scalable Membranes

High-Speed Nanofiltration

Unprecedented Performance

TeraPore develops and manufactures filters with unprecedented performance through a proprietary and scalable block copolymer self-assembly technology. When fabricated into membranes, the polymers spontaneously form into highly uniform structures, creating precise holes (or pores) on the nanoscale. The benefits of these membranes include high permeability, allowing very fast flow rates, and uniform pore sizes for extremely precise nanofiltration.

TeraPore’s engineered membranes are manufactured at scale and at a range of different pore sizes – unique characteristics that are unprecedented in the field of nanofiltration.

One critical application for Terapore’s technology is in the production process of biological drugs (or biologics) where a key step is the separation of viral contaminants from the drug material.

Beyond the biotech industry, TeraPore’s products have utility in water treatment, semiconductor processing, and responsive fabrics.